Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Why I stopped buying coffee at starbucks

I stopped buying coffee at starbucks or any other coffee shop: it’s tiring! For those of you who read my previous post: What the new millenium has brought us, and why we miss the pre-millenium era, I’m sure you guys understand. You see, we wanted to go to coffee shops for some leisure time and relaxation, not to have some sort of multiple choice tests. They have like 13,000 types of coffee, 5,000 types of tea drinks, etc, that costs you the same as your special lunch.

The following story happened to me and my hubby sometime ago:
After a nice romantic dinner (story will be posted right away) we decided to buy some coffees to go for at home. My husband decided to have café latte, while I planned to have ice lemon tea.
Barista (B) : Welcome, what would you like to drink?
Hubby (H): 1 café latte please
B : Decaf or non decaf sir?
H: Non decaf please
B : What kind of milk sir?
H: What?
B : Full cream, fat free or high calsium?
H: (starting to puzzled) normal milk laaa… Give me full cream milk then..
B : Ok sir, hot or cold sir?
H: Cold please
B : Iced, Chilled or Frozen sir
H: Huh? in English please?
B : Iced with block ice, Chilled, just cold no ice or Frozen with crushed ice, sir?
H: Umm, just chilled then. (Starting to wonder)
B : And what kind of flavour sir?
H: Huh? Café latte, didn’t I tell you? (Bamboozled)
B : Yes sir, but what kind of flavour syrup? Vanilla, Mocha, Chocolate or Mint?
H: Don’t you have NORMAL café latte?
B : Umm, well, we don’t have “normal” flavour sir; we have only Vanilla, Mocha, Chocolate or Mint.
H: Urrrggghh OK, can I have Mint Chilled café latte then?!! (A bit grouchy)
B : Ok sir… umm…
H: What else now?
B : Would you like minty mint, bubblegum mint, or….
H: WTF! Can I just have normal mint!
B : We don’t have…
H: And don’t tell me you don’t have normal mint flavour syrup!
B : Ok sir… umm
H: What now!
B : Would you like it in medium, tall or grande?
H: What the hell!!
B : I mean the size sir…
H: Can we just go back to small, medium and large, like the good ol’ days? (cranky) The Smallest size then!
B : Umm, sir…
H: What!
B: We have only medium sir, no small size
H: Whatever! just give me medium size! Now, how much do I need to pay? Just give me my café latte!
B : Ok sir, one medium, non-decaf, chilled cafe latte with full cream milk and mint normal syrup. And sir?
B : Would you to take away or drink here?

After a bit of argument, since there will be no difference if we dine in or take away—all we would get is a paper cup, we paid (it costs us our lunch money for 3 days) and wait for the drink to be ready. I decided not to order a drink since I don’t know if I can’t give details and pass the multiple choice test of the subject “Ice lemon tea.” After 10 minutes, the drink was ready (I didn’t know it took such a long time to make a coffee). To our surprise, we got 2 cups of coffee.
H: I ordered just one!
B: Yes sir, but this month is our anniversary month, so buy one get one free laa..
H: Good then! But wait what kind of free coffee do we got?
B: Just a classic café latte : regular coffee with milk la…

See? That’s why I don’t drink coffee at starbucks anymore…


Just... said...

Edan kowe..

Tito said...

she need a good sex with some slap on her face....

" i just will say.... gimme your best shot...."

...I decided not to go with starbucks since we have Kopi Luwak Cafe, Exelso Cafe, Oh La La and Bengawan Solo Cafe....

Tommy said...

Iya duonks

Cuman blom ampe $5 sehari, hehehe..

Trakhir ngecek, kira2 sehari dpt 20c

Ntar klo om tommy penghasilannya udah $50 sehari, om traktir ya raniatun