Thursday, 27 November 2008

CONDEMNATION (is there such a word?)

Normally, I wouldn't bother writing such a condemnation. But this thing, that's happening now as we speak, in Mumbay, India is really bothering Me. I truly condemned people who killed in the name of God. For me, being men of God doesn't reserve you the right to kill others. May God bless all those people still trapped in those chaotic places.

2nd chance for a 1st impression???

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That's why women feel that they have to be well groomed, polished. To make a good 'impression.' I remember I have this friend who was nice, caring and very energetic, once you know her more, you'll like her. But talk about first impression? Humm, my first impression -and I'm sure other's as well - was not so good: she was nice and all, but how would you impressed by one if one's always wearing her hair down, wearing shorts and shirts, has oily skin and wearing sandals? Unlucky for her, people sometimes lok down on her. Lucky for me we became friends, for almost 2 years now.

Another friend of mine was another story. She's well groomed, well, a bit too groomed I supposed. Going out for her, even to buy grocery at FairPrice would be a 30 mins hair and makeup session. For a girls night out? A minimum of 100 mills of hairspray, tonnes of MAC makeup, one pair of earring, 1 set for fake nails, 1 set of fake lashes, 2 bangles, 2 belts and at least 1 unknown accessory will be used. Yes, she looks gorgeous and all, but once you take it all off, the beauty fades. FYI, nobody ever knew what she really looks like..

I've got a perfect example for that:

So what's the essence of this issue? Be natural, be your own self! I simply say that. Dress appropriately according to occasion. Don't wear short if you wanna go have fancy dinner, don't wear an evening dress if you wanna go late nite shopping to Mustafa. Yes, wear makeup but not too much. Get rid of that oily skin, but also get rid of those fake nails! No need those fake eyelashes, just rely on your natural figure, be it you own nose, even your own pimples!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so better make a good one.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A day in the Life of Rania

Started with reading some newspapers

Then Photoshoot for some Movies..

More Photo taking...

Followed by a speech that was broadcasted in NY City Square

Some pose for a magazine (Yupp, I Rap too ya know, whaddup yo!)

Some pose for a Painter Artist... Dont I look Older than I should?

Role Model, this time for a PSA on safe swimming

Followed by a Meeting with World Leaders... very tiring...

I was already on my way to sleep when I remembered I still have one more photoshot to do, this time for a Department Store.....

My day was so tiring, by the time i reached the end of my agenda ( interview with VOGUE mags) I was asleep already...

See, I'm a busy kid right? ( and I'm only 3 months old!)

PS: no babies were harmed or excessively tired for the making of this post.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Work it, Mom!

Even in this post millennium era (aaaah, just love the term), the concept of working vs. stay home mothers is still debatable. I watched this talk show in the TV about working mothers; both working and stay home moms have their own opinion. Stay-at-home moms uttered that it is women's responsibility to take care of their children and homes, while working mom have their own opinion. A woman has to be free with her own choices and that she has to have something of her own, and if it's one's career, then be it.

It has been a common phrase "that men go to work while women stay home". This has been an indisputable value for years. I remembered during my childhood years, most sitcoms, TV shows, portray mothers as housewives. A couple of years ago I even got this email about " what a woman should do when his husband is about to come home" which include " fixing dinner, clean the house entrance from clutter, greet the husband-remember he is tired, prepare the kids, blah blah." (I ended up not having any relationship with the guy who sent me the email – I found him too old-fashioned)

We live in an "Either Or" (Man-Dominated-)World. So in some environment, women are expected to make a decision between: a career or a family. Either to work, or to stay at home. In which I think is very unwise. Because I have seen though, examples that do not confirming this phrase. I have seen children in chaos that comes from a family with a stay at home mom. I've seen also a family where the mother excellent career goes hand in hand with the children's strong academic achievement.

For me the most important is: the choice of the mother herself. First, the mother should be HAPPY with her decision ( yes, SHE should decide on her own), either to work or to stay at home. If she wants to stay on the track, then she must realize all the consequences, and in this era where everything is possible (yes, everyting including having a Botox injection in lunchtime) there are endless alternatives: daycares, nannies, or…. Grandparents :p . One can also opt to stay at home at her OWN will. Being a stay at home doesn't mean that it's the end of the world. One can stay at home, not working, but still be active and connected to everyday's world.

I, however, trust that a mother has to be HAPPY, content and a complete person in order to raise her children to have a whole personality. And to be one, one must have something to be a grasp of her own: a hobby, a networking, or a career, or three of them.

The conclusion is: it doesn't matter WHERE you are as a mother. Be a HAPPY mother, WHATEVER YOUR DECISION IS. And remember, a happy mother is one who first takes care of herself.

Dr Robin Smith of Oprah mentioned: Drop into your own world—what you need to do for your own aliveness, your own vitality, your own sense of well-being in the world.

Take care of yourself, and BE HAPPY, MOTHERS! Wherever you are……

Saturday, 22 November 2008

The World's Greatest Swimmer

Michael Phelps and Lisbeth Tricket beware! The world's greatest swimmer has arrived! No, she's not Tao Li nor Natalie Coughlin... Her name is rania and she's only 3.5 months old! Bwahahahaha...
This great swimmer can swim continuously for 20 minutes and have to be dragged out from the water. However, she's only able to swim in a 100cmx100cm pool instead of an olympic size one, for now. Here are some pictures from her swimming session :

1st Session

Testing the water. Oops..... only shots from behind are publicized.

2nd Session: Learning from the 1st session where she became an "instant attraction", the swimmer decided to wear her new tweety swimsuit this time.

More to come from our lovely swimmer. See you next time!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Character Recycle in Hollywood??

These last few years the concept of “Reuse and Recycle” (but not to Reduce) was very famous in Tinseltown slash Hollywood. This concept comes in terms of: re-filming an old movie, ( Ocean 11, Guess Who’s (Coming to Dinner?)), remaking Hollywood version of non Hollywood movie (like remaking those 500 Asian Horror Movies), making sequels (from Bonds, Batmans, X-Mens, Madagascar 1-2 ) and also recasting old characters.

Some characters however, are too iconic to be played by the same actor (and also too expensive, you see actors tend to raise their paycheck after the 1st movie :P ) And when a role is recast, each actor who steps in carry their own personality in the part. So now, I’ll try my best, to choose which actor plays their character the best. And in case you didn’t agree, just shout in the comments box!

James Bond. My name is Bond, James Bond.
Aaaahh those famous line. OK, Bond was played by: Sean Connery – very suave and gentle; Roger Moore - too suave and nothing dangerous; Timothy Dalton – doesn’t he supposed to smile once and a while? Pierce Brosnan – too sophisticated for a 007, not to mention the strange name: to Pierce?; And Daniel Craig –dangerous, tough with a hint of sex appeal.
RESULT: Daniel Craig, no other actor can beat those freakin’ muscles, whoa!

Batman. To The Bat Mobile!
Michael Keaton – too cute to wear a mask not to mention to dodge crimes; Val Kilmer – not memorable; George Clooney – let’s say he better stick to play Danny Ocean; Christian Bale- psychotic and dark and those deep throat voice can be a bit annoying.
RESULT: Although his deep throat voice sounds too annoyingly made-up, he’s still the most heroic batman around, he took on the bad credit to protect Gotham’s believe in Harvey Dent. And he’s the only one who can play both Batman and Bruce Wayne as two separate entities.

Superman. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, its Superman!!
Christopher Reeves: the CHARISMA; the new guy (forgot his name)- good face, bad acting, less charisma.
RESULT: REEVES by default!

The Hulk/Bruce Banner. Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry..
Bill Bixby-the nice and know-it-all Hulk; Eric Bana-the papa’s boy hulk since the film revolves around the issues with Banner’s papa; Edward Norton-the smiley Hulk with a too soft voice.
RESULT: Bill Bixby!!! Nothing more to say.
PS: most pictures are taken from Yahoo! Pls don't sue me for copyrights :P

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Light(headed) Writer

Some said that my blog posts are light, readable and enjoyable. Some, however, said that my blog is "too" light.

"I like your blog"

"Thank you, what do you think?

"It's nice, funny and light … " "But.."

"But what? "

"But, well it's 'too' light."

I determined not to confront straightforwardly and to keep my mouth shut at that moment.

My intentions of writing these posts are twofolds : to share all the silly stuff that happens---and HAD HAPPENED-- in my life, (also to share all those thoughts that suddenly came up when I watched OPRAH)….... and ooh well, to brush up my writing skills*sigh*

Nothing more than that. (ooh, except for making a few extra dime from those Ads… yes, you can call me a material girl mum :P )

I can write about all those quantum theories, nuclear science, non relativistic physics, which perturbs my sanity for 4.5 years….

Or I can write about energy management, industrial safety indicators or Kyoto (now Bali) protocols, which inhabited my mind for another 14 months…

Or, I can write about power pricing, coal fuel component cost, repayment structure, which crammed my life-10 hours a day, almost everyday-for the past 4 years…

But that would be plainly SELFISH. Because most of the blogs that I can take pleasure in during my "blog-hopping" are down-to-earth ones, no hussy no fuzzy.

So yes, you won't be seeing me writing about SAVING THE RAINFOREST, ADOPTING a KOMODO (or an orang utan), SOARING COAL PRICE, ECONOMIC SLOWDOWN, or even FINDING THE RIGHT TASTE OF NASI LEMAK IN PUNGGOL (yes, for me that would be considered as something serious).

My posts are light, yes they are.

And I intent to keep it that way

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

It’s not you, it’s me!

I just had a chat with an old friend today. She's almost 30 in a year or two, an aspiring career woman …. and still single. No, it's not because she's not attractive or what, she's just not into "those guys".

She said "I'm not looking for Mr-Right-Now, I'm looking for Mr-Right"

So, during her adventure in finding that "right person", she always need to make this decision of whether to go with the relationship or to ditch him ASAP (read: to REJECT). On the other hand, not all the guy that she considers as Mr Right feel they same way about her (read: being rejected).
I'm sure some of you are familiar with rejection lines in this cat-and-mouse game; here are some Rejection Lines that I compiled inspired from our heated discussion (Gosh, sound like déjàvu!!!)

  1. "Let's be friends" or "I don't want to ruin our friendship" (yeah, so that I can brag to you about those other guys I like!)
  2. I'm not attracted to you in "that" way – then normally followed by line number 1.
  3. I always think of you as a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend –also normally followed by line number 1.
  4. I've someone already/ I've got a boyfriend/girlfriend already. (And even if I don't have one I won't date you!).
  5. I'm still concentrating at my study/career/project. (Even those boring nights of study cramping/overtime are better than dating you!).
  6. Things are still a bit complicated right now. (Because it means I have to add one more individual in my already-full dating schedule).
  7. I don't date men/people I work with. (The truth is I wouldn't even date you if we were in the same timeline).
  8. It's not you, its ME (Well truth be told, it's not me, it's YOU).

    And the ultimate weapon:

  9. I'm Gay.
  10. I'm gonna be a nun/monk.

PS: I t's not that I have something against gay people or nun/monk. Don't take it seriously.

Monday, 17 November 2008

No Blogging today

There many reasons why I am not blogging for the past couple of days. So for those of you who expected to see some writings, well, you need to surf somewhere else to spend your 45 minutes lunch time.

  1. Firstly, I was lazy!!! I was lazy as hell; I don't want to lift my bump off the sofa. There's nothing wrong with being a couch potato once in a while, right?
  2. Secondly, my "monthly – visitor" has arrived to keep me company, a little bit earlier than expected. Which in turn pressurize my mood to be energetic and indirectly influence my mood to write. (It was already proven scientifically).
  3. The 3rd reason, I simply don't feel like it. I prefer watching the stupid TV shows like: "The America Psychic Challenge" and "America Got Talent". And I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in the mood for "Jimmy Kimmel".
  4. …..Please see #1
  5. …..I don't have new ideas to note down.

    I officially called myself of having a so-called "blogger's block".

PS: I heard a perfect therapy for the symptoms is called: "window shopping"

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Unhappy People Said Unhappy Stuff, Do Unhappy Things, To Make Other People Unhappy

The title said it clearly.

It is a "saying" that I have learned after years and years of on-going experiment (read: years and years of my humble-life experience) – which I hardly bear in mind these days.

During my pre-married life, my one-million activities had provided me with opportunities of meeting millions of people. As my roles always changes between one activity to another; from a performer, a toastmaster, an employee, a boss, a traveller… to a habitual eater (yes, eating in various restaurants for me IS an activity) I had to condition myself in different situations and circumstances. And sometimes things don't go nicely. Things can go awry, and those are the times when other people hassled you and made irritating commentary or behaviour. Sometimes I would fire back, but learning from my experiences, it'd only worn me out.

One can be on different sides from each other, but why should one make such irritating comments?

One thing I had learnt from my mom was to "always put yourself in one's shoes so you'll understand the way they behave". So every time, I feel "beaten up" by somebody, I always try to put myself on their shoes. And most of the times, I can understand the rationale. Why? As "only unhappy people said unhappy stuff, do unhappy tings, to make other people unhappy".

There was this lady at the office that was really infuriating with her commentaries. Turned out her hubby ran away from home. Verdict: she was unhappy.

There was this irritating person that somehow hated my speeches all the time at toastmaster. Turned out he was some sort of a 40-year old virgin. Verdict: he was unhappy.

There was this buddy that literally trying to worry me with his stories about Singapore immigration issues (during my PR application). Turned out … he was not even a PR. Verdict: he was unhappy.

So now, every time I met someone that bothers me, I just remember to put myself on their shoes. They could be an unhappy mother, an unhappy waitress, an unhappy adventurer, an unhappy person that lives an unhappy life.

I've made mistakes, so from now on; I'll bear in mind the result of my-so-called experiment.

Showing Off 2 : iPod Nano 4th generation

God Loves Us.

After we got a Nokia E71 for free, last Friday hubby just realized he got a 4th Gen iPod 16 Gigs, also for free! So last night we had a good time transferring the songs from our old 3rd Gen iPod to the new own. The look is stylish and flawless. The silver casing enhances the sleekness of the design. Good sounds and nice video as well. And with 16 gigs we can put like, ONE MILLION SONGSSSSSSSSSSSS. Anyway, have to be careful though, the "shake" function is built-in so it cannot be shut off.

Friday, 14 November 2008

The Greatest Massage Chair

I just found that I have the greatest massage chair in the world. You better check it out ;

Noted: no babies were harmed during the making of this video.

Rub-a-duck-, the talking dinosaur, Michael Crichton

Bathing has been one activity that Rania relishes so much. Especially after we started bathing her on a bath chair instead of the usual baby bathtub. She loves playing with water from the shower head and would make funny faces when we pour water on her head and face. What’s funnier is that after we put soap on her body she would pinch some bubbles and put it on her face. Here’s the proofing picture:

And Oh Rania spent like an hour in front of the TV, on my lap, watching Barney. Well it was only an hour, but feels like zillion hours for me, especially when you watch a talking-purple-dinosaur (which supposed to be extinct 65 mills years ago) singing songs about animals that starts with the letter from A to Z with a bunch of children that look too old to be singing those kind of songs….. 27 songs (from A to Z = 27 letters = 27 SONGS)… My goodness.
Hopefully when she grows up she would choose cuter TV charater as her favourite, like Hello Kitty or Hannah Montana (??). Dinosaurs remind me of Raptors and T Rex. Ngyaiks!
Anyway, talking about Dinosaurs, I just found out that Jurassic Park’s writer Michael Crichton passed away several days ago. I am a fan of some of his works including Jurassic Park , the Lost World and Timeline. May he rest in peace.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Showing Off: my new Nokia E71

I am not a tech-savvy person; my current handphone was bought 3 years ago which according to my hubby - and most Indonesians- is already “totally outdated”.
So, when his office made a programme of offering their loyal employees with the newest handphone set, of course my hubby takes advantage of it. Thus, starting this Monday, I got myself a new handphone: a stylish Nokia E71.

It takes many elements and features from iPhone AND Blackberry, but in a better design: look at the bright-chrome casing.. whoaaaaa so stylish….

And just like every smartphone it has also a QWERTY keypad, which makes it easier to type on. Yuppie!
But however, I found the user interface is not as simple as all my previous-100-Nokia handphones (OK I admitted, I’m a Nokia fan). There are soooo many menu, menu, menu and MENU. Most of the features/ elements are hidden/burried and not many people will have the patience to explore it: including myself. But that’s OK, I now have a reason to spend time with, and that’s to work out on my new gem- my Handphone, Ha ha.
All in all it’s a very hardworking Smartphone and it’s gonna be a long time to find such phone that will outdo it.

I am not a mummy nor an Indo???

I opened my email and a very weird email arrived at my inbox. It’s from moderator of a mailing list for Indo-mommies in Singapore I opt to join. And guess what? My request to join the group maiing list was denied!

Your request to join the xxxxxxxxx group was not approved.
The moderator of each xxx! group chooses whether to restrict membership in the group. Moderators who choose to restrict membership also choose whom to admit.
Please note that this decision is final and that xxx! Groups does not control group membership.

For what reason? I’m not “mummy” enough? Or am I not “Indo” enough? I really think it's funny.
But you know what's more funny? Back in 2007, a support group for foreign and Singapore mommies - which consists of 99.99% non Indo mommies- accepted my request to join them in a snap! They even outspokenly invited me to come to their social gathering.
Well, for all I know, my intention to join the group was to extend my networking, with Indo-mommies specifically. And if THEY think I don’t fit the quality to be in the group, so what gitu loh…
(Actually, I still hope rejection letter was a typo)

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Gong Li and Smelly 5h1tty

Just read today’s newpaper. And two issues came up: first, Gong Li switch her citizenship to Singaporean. There has been hot debate over her switch, About her being a "chinese traitor". but to me, it is her life, her own choices. There’s nothing to shout about it.
For me, it’s a good thing. Yuppie. Maybe next time I go to Orchard road I will have a chance to rub shoulder with a Hollywood’s actress!
But wait, I hardly ever see a Singapore artist, even a Gurmit Singh during my trips to Orchard. So the possibility to see her is also small laa.. Maybe she prefers to shop in Rodeo Drive or Saks 5th Avenue than Orchard Road.

Second thing I read was that……Odour print can be used to identify people. I was like? Huh? So maybe when this technology exists I will be known as “Smell-N1C3*” instead of Turike. Or the lady that mopped the apartment every morning will be known as “Smell-5h1tty
The research stated it is because “every person has a unique fragrant similar to a fingerprint or DNA sample” The research has been done to mice by a Lab in the States.
For me, it doesn’t need a research laa.. Whenever the foul-smell mopper lady in my apartment building came to mop each morning, I know already it’s her even from a zillionth kilometre away… That can also be called odour-print right?


I grew up in a place where respect and courtesy is a must. “Respect others how you want to be appreciated” As my momma always said. I remember my European friends always said Indonesians are “courteous, a bit slow but always in smiley mode”.

So when I first arrived here in Singapore, I was having a bit of culture shock. Singaporeans are very efficient, professional people. So efficient, they’ll do anything to keep it up. That’s why; you’ll hardly see a customer’s service smiling, or a taxi driver making chit chat before the trip. Because that’s just damn inefficient! To some people that’s OK, but to others, it can be a sign of lack of courtesy.

Forget MRT passenger giving away seats to the elderly or to a pregnant lady (Been there, done that…) that’s just inefficient…

Forget people give spaces to a mommy with a stroller in an elevator that opens only 4 second. That’s inefficient.

Forget getting a smile on someone’s face, either a taxi driver, a resto manager, a customer service, a store clerk. That’s just damn inefficient!!!

Maybe, Indonesia should learn from Singapore. We have to turn our always-smiley-faces to efficiency….

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

1 Million !

I felt so pleased today and yesterday as I got responses about my blog. Some like it, some loathe it. For those of you who appreciate it. I thank you. For those who loathe it, I still thank you. It means you took the time to read it and your response will be a foundation for improvement.

Some people asked me, why I blog. Is it to spend time? To communicate with readers? To express myself? To make money?
So today, while looking for “a blogging” idea to cure my blogger’s block, I stumbled upon a blog that stated its objective is: to get a million readers in 365 days.

I was like… “wow, what a terrific idea.”

See, we just don’t blog for ourselves – otherwise just write yourself a diary- we blog so that others can see and view our thoughts, and of course cherish what we have written. Human is a social being, you just can’t erase that!

So, that can be one of my objectives: get a million readers from around the world to read my blog in a year! And of course guys, you, yes YOU, my fellow blogger and beloved reader; you are welcome to help me! Bring along all your friends to read this blog. Keep me posted with your comments. Give me ideas to write new post.

So what’s my main goal in writing this blog? Well, I'm still figuring it out. But the “1 million readers” sounds like a good idea that, I-with your help-can achieve.

And, oh… don’t forget to CLICK “my sponsors” link :D This will also helps me bring on my "mood" for writing. Ha ha!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Chocolate Heaven, Ikea, Nasi Goreng...

Forgive me for the terrifically late post.
Sunday was busy whole day ( visit from some friends, then esplanade), yesterday was also busy (Ikea then a visit from my uncle until 11pm!).
Here are some pictures from Sunday:

This is Rania with Auntie Mira, a friend of mine. She lives in Bangkok Monday to Friday and in Singapore Friday night to Monday morning. Gush, whatta busy life she has!

For dinner we all went to esplanade. But the dessert time is what I’ve been waiting for. We went to a resto called Max Brenner: a chocolate heaven!
I ordered chocolate soufflé. Centre-filled with gooey chocolate. A very nice 300-calories dessert! heheheh.
Hubby and a friend ordered some choco drinks. Look at the cute glasses with the straw! It says " drink me!"
This is a cute mug! It says “hug me” Whoaaa so cute..
Unfortunately as my super handphone was almost out of battery yesterday, there was no pics from IKEA's trip of yesterday. But we had good time. Bought some red-items to add some color to our living room : trash bin, nice pillows. Also bought: aqua blue bathrobe, laptop holder.
We tried the baby room, on both floors!. First for breasfeeding : Rania got hungry. Second time for... again, pooped! this means Rania loves IKEA too, just like Plaza Sing :D (hint: see previous post).
Ok, that's all for now, gotta go again, I'm gonna cook some NASI GORENG.... want some?

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Rania's day out to Plaza Sing

As i mentioned before, today is Rania's Day Out to Plaza Sing! She was so happy, she (again) slept easily and....poopied! this is like a zillionth time she poopied in public places. here are some of the pics:

This is her in KFC. She licked her lips a couple of times, it seems like she wanted to try some KFC. Oh no....

The review: Quantum of Solace.

This is a superb late post unfortunately. Was busy going out with family today :).

Seeing James Bond’s Quantum of Solace yesterday had given me a new optimism in anticipating an action hero’s movie. In this era where hand phone-cum-camera-cum-walkman becomes an everyday gadget, blackberry is NOT related to strawberry and Oscar’s winner of special effect and stunt can be translated to “abundant exploitation of cgi’s and blue screen”, seeing James Bond stunts in the movie yesterday was relieving.

I remember seeing Norris, Van Damme, Seagal, Arnold, Stallone in 80s movies and portray them as so-called “action hero” with genuine act: jumping from buildings, combat scene, car chasing, etc. But since computer generated special effects booming in the late 90’s, the term action hero doesn’t stand for “a hero in action” anymore. Cgi and blue, green or even purple screen has made any actors at any age be able to be an action hero. We have seen a boy with spectacle riding a broomstick fighting witches (Harry Potter), midgets combating the murky army (LOTRs), a grandpa fighting aliens (the latest Indiana Jones) and even children make friends with a talking lion (Chronicles of Narnia)!

So really, seeing effects in the James Bond movie appear so real and knowing he did most of his own stunts on the sets instead of in front of the screens, I gave Daniel Craig two thumbs up. In the first 10 minutes of the movie he can be seen: zigzagging in an Alfa Romeo in the mountains of Italy, jumping from buildings, landed in a moving truck, rambling in a motorbike INTO a speed boat, anything you can imagine. It’s not the so-called-special effect that thrills me, it’s the action.
And the story, oh yeah, it’s: guy meets girl, guy saves girl, guy sleeps with other girl, other girl died, guy fights the enemy, guy’s boss was angry-cut guy from investigation, guy does his own investigation, guy wins the fight. Typical 007. End of story.

For more review just check:

Friday, 7 November 2008


I just saw Bond's Quantum of Solace. Nice movie. But better review tommorrow... too tired right now huaaamm...

Rania's vaccination day : updated

Thank you for your attention! Rania did catch a bit of feverish as I was afraid of before, so we gave her some paracetamol because she was a bit cranky. Here is her pic, sleeping after being given medicine. Cute, isnt she?

Thank you again for your messages and sms :D

Diary of an expat's Wife

My daily routine consists of: cuddling with my cupcake-Rania, supermarketing (it’s my term for going to the supermarket), cooking, exercising, and internet, internet, internet. Over the past few days, I’ve realized that I have lost my pre-wedding-pre-mother-pre-expat’s wife social life.

No, I’m not feeling lonely , or complaining at all.

I just felt different.
As an expat’s wife (I just love the term hi hi) in Singapore, moving in and settling down to a foreign country has structurally changed my life. See, I used to be a 9-to-5 person (or 7.30 to 6 in previous company), a-bunch-of-activity person, a let’s-hang-out-together person. Before, if my then-boyfriend-now-hubby had to work late or was away, I can just call someone from my phonebook and just flew. Now, my only choice was to watch those TV series on starworld or to window-shopping single-handedly. Not only that, once “the bundle of joy” arrives, you will have less bundle of time to socialize. Let’s just say, instead of drinking café latte, you have to prepare HER latte (grin :P ).

Thus now, my closest friend is a thin box with keyboards, named HP pavilion entertainment Notebook PC. Ha ha.

No, It’s not that I don’t have a social life or normal human beings as friends here in Singapore. I have some Indonesian friends, but most of them are singles. And why would a single individual spend their free time in a chaotic house filled with a baby screaming at the top of her lung demanding for milk, instead of sipping coffee in starbucks? (Ok it’s not that bad, my house is NOT chaotic-it’s a lovely one, and Rania never screams). There is also this couple that we used to hang out with, J and Y, but they flew back to his home country several months ago. Hiks.
And what about the local Singaporeans, you might say? At my age, most of them already have their own circles of friends. Plus I don’t speak mandarin or Malay. I’d love to go back to work or join some clubs like toastmasters or rotary, but, well, my 3 months old lil’ cupcake needs me.

So again, I’m not complaining here, I’m just telling you the story, so that you can appreciate more of your expat-boss’ wife :D

I still and will keep in touch with my friends via Facebook or Friendster. Or YM Messenger. Or skype. Or my blog. Or all of the above. After all, it’s the new millennium era, where wedding invitation will arrive in your inbox instead of your post-box. And in the mean time I will enjoy my precious time with my new best friend for the past 3 months. Her name is Rania :D

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Why I stopped buying coffee at starbucks

I stopped buying coffee at starbucks or any other coffee shop: it’s tiring! For those of you who read my previous post: What the new millenium has brought us, and why we miss the pre-millenium era, I’m sure you guys understand. You see, we wanted to go to coffee shops for some leisure time and relaxation, not to have some sort of multiple choice tests. They have like 13,000 types of coffee, 5,000 types of tea drinks, etc, that costs you the same as your special lunch.

The following story happened to me and my hubby sometime ago:
After a nice romantic dinner (story will be posted right away) we decided to buy some coffees to go for at home. My husband decided to have café latte, while I planned to have ice lemon tea.
Barista (B) : Welcome, what would you like to drink?
Hubby (H): 1 café latte please
B : Decaf or non decaf sir?
H: Non decaf please
B : What kind of milk sir?
H: What?
B : Full cream, fat free or high calsium?
H: (starting to puzzled) normal milk laaa… Give me full cream milk then..
B : Ok sir, hot or cold sir?
H: Cold please
B : Iced, Chilled or Frozen sir
H: Huh? in English please?
B : Iced with block ice, Chilled, just cold no ice or Frozen with crushed ice, sir?
H: Umm, just chilled then. (Starting to wonder)
B : And what kind of flavour sir?
H: Huh? Café latte, didn’t I tell you? (Bamboozled)
B : Yes sir, but what kind of flavour syrup? Vanilla, Mocha, Chocolate or Mint?
H: Don’t you have NORMAL café latte?
B : Umm, well, we don’t have “normal” flavour sir; we have only Vanilla, Mocha, Chocolate or Mint.
H: Urrrggghh OK, can I have Mint Chilled café latte then?!! (A bit grouchy)
B : Ok sir… umm…
H: What else now?
B : Would you like minty mint, bubblegum mint, or….
H: WTF! Can I just have normal mint!
B : We don’t have…
H: And don’t tell me you don’t have normal mint flavour syrup!
B : Ok sir… umm
H: What now!
B : Would you like it in medium, tall or grande?
H: What the hell!!
B : I mean the size sir…
H: Can we just go back to small, medium and large, like the good ol’ days? (cranky) The Smallest size then!
B : Umm, sir…
H: What!
B: We have only medium sir, no small size
H: Whatever! just give me medium size! Now, how much do I need to pay? Just give me my café latte!
B : Ok sir, one medium, non-decaf, chilled cafe latte with full cream milk and mint normal syrup. And sir?
B : Would you to take away or drink here?

After a bit of argument, since there will be no difference if we dine in or take away—all we would get is a paper cup, we paid (it costs us our lunch money for 3 days) and wait for the drink to be ready. I decided not to order a drink since I don’t know if I can’t give details and pass the multiple choice test of the subject “Ice lemon tea.” After 10 minutes, the drink was ready (I didn’t know it took such a long time to make a coffee). To our surprise, we got 2 cups of coffee.
H: I ordered just one!
B: Yes sir, but this month is our anniversary month, so buy one get one free laa..
H: Good then! But wait what kind of free coffee do we got?
B: Just a classic café latte : regular coffee with milk la…

See? That’s why I don’t drink coffee at starbucks anymore…

Monday, 3 November 2008

Rania's Vaccination Day

Today we went to the doctor where Rania had her 3rd vaccination. We arrived at the clinic at 13.45 as opposed to our appointment time at 14.20.
We had to go to the bathroom first to change nappy; because she pooed in the taxi! I guess she's nervous :D
After arriving I asked for a permission from the nurse wheter we can change her nappy first before administering and she replied very "politely".
"Just go laaaa" shooing me with her hand "the morning period patients still havent finished anyway.." She added.
The nurses are grumpy as always to me, and so nice to other caucasians patients (maybe because my hair IS black), sniff. What's even worse was that our "queue" was being cut by 2 caucasian patients. More sniffs. But anyway, the doctor, YYY, was sooooooooo nice.
Rania had the 5-in-1 shots, which is a compulsary in Singapore: DPaT, HIB (influenza) , IPV(polio). Her doctor also recomended to give vaccination for Pneumococcal disease (meningitis) as well as Rotavirus. The 5 in 1 and the Pneumococcal vaccine were done by a jab in both her thighs. She didnt scream on the 1st jab, she even looked while her doctor was performing it. But she hell lotta scream when she got the second jab, she could be a soprano singer! The rotavirus vaccine, however, was done orally. She tasted it and made a very strange face like saying : "mummy, this thing taste so badly" Of course laaaa... It's a whole bunch of viruses dear!

So, now inside her tummy there are 7 types of viruses, rubbing shoulder with each other: Probably now they are having a fight with each other, before being eaten by her imune system (hopefully). No wonder tonite she's a bit grouchy.
That's her at home after the jab, with her grumpy face hehehehe...

By the way we also weight her and measure her length. She's now officlally .....5.8 kg and 63 cm long! 2.4 kg addition from her birth weight and almost 9 cm growth! Super superb!

We'll keep her posted of her wellbeing tommorrow, wheter the vaccines takes effect or not.

What the new millenium has brought us, and why we miss the pre-millenium era

Do you think post- new millenium technology can help you with your work, by making everything easier?
Think again:

  • You can’t fool your boss by telling him you are sick since your work hand-phone has 3G camera
  • It’s difficult to show off your boss that you have too many tasks, since your desk is free from paper anyway; now is a paperless era, right?
  • No excuses for missing the deadline, you can virtually work anywhere with a Lap top and a WIFI connection. Sniff.
  • Forget those work trips abroad: now is the” teleconference” era.
  • ….And since your global headquarter of your company is in Europe,.. your teleconference would start at exactly 11pm, or 3 pm in England. Sniff again

And you know you miss the pre-millenium era (80’s and 90s) when:

  • You're finding that you just don't understand more than half the lingo used on MTV, or any teenagers songs any more.
  • Nobody wants to go lunch with you any more; they need to go to their Botox session
  • It took 15 minutes for you to choose your coffee in starbucks, since you have 49,000 selections to choose from.
  • You need to be size in 0, since those Banana Republic and Benetton extra large t shirt aren’t IN anymore.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Baby boy or baby girl?

Since my bundle of joy arrived to this world a couple of months ago, most of our relatives and families always told me how look alike my daughter is to her father. This is fine, because in our culture, a daughter who resembles the look of her father is believed to have good fortune/blessings.
But, in some ways, it also can be misleading. See, if she looks like her father, then she looks like a baby boy instead of a baby girl, right?
Exhibit 1
Me, the baby and the doctor, 1 day after her delivery.
Me : Morning doc (still feeling sore from the delivery)
Doctor: Morning, how r u? How’s the baby?
Me : I’m fine, here’s the baby (showing my baby)
Doctor: Ooooooh how cute, what a cute baby boy!
Me : Doc?! She a baby girl, you helped delivering her yesterday!!

Exhibit 2
Me, the baby and my relatives, 35 days later.
Relatives : ooohhhh my god, what a cute baby! What’s his name? Can I hold the baby?
Me : yes sure, ok Rania, Rania, look this way, Auntie here wants to hold you…
Relatives : I thought Rania is a girl’s name? (puzzled)
Me : Yes it is, cute name is it? Well she IS a baby girl (feeling irritated)
Relatives : I see…, well, she’s just look … uum more like,like a baby boy.
Me : what’s that supposed to mean??

Exhibit 3
Me, the baby and my handy man, 2 days ago.
Handy Man : We’re gonna drill, it ‘s gonna be loud. So better bring your BABY BOY outside laaa…
Me : GRGRGRGRGRGR (furious)

Whats wrong with these people, I dress her in pink, red, at most in yellow, using a red stroller and a pink carrier yet people always mistaken her for a baby boy.
I’m gonna put her face here; please tell me what do you see, a baby girl… or boy???










(Joking laa... here is the real picture, and by the way, my hubby doesnt look like rowan atkinson!)

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Smells like Vanilla Ice Cream

Did you remember your primary school years? Where playing was part of the curriculum, math was so simple, Boys were so NAUGHTY and your teacher was so lovable. One of my most memorable moments was in the early years of primary school. Our school teacher named Christine was nice, we liked her so much, on her birthday we decided to give presents to her, individually. She, of course had a job to guess each and every presents she received.

Ratih, whose father owns a flower shop went first. "Happy Birthday Miss Christine" and gave her the gift.
The gift was covered in plastic with water saturated all over it……It smells nice, must be a flower she thought.
“A flower is it? Must be a beautiful one, I’m sure”
Ratih smiled and nodded.

Then after that Ajeng, daughter of a famous designer came to front and handed her a gift.
“Many Happy returns Madam”
The present was thin and soft … Hummm it should be a designer dress!
“It must be a dress of your mom’s famous brand?
Ajeng nodded.
“Thank you Ajeng…”

And then it was Dullah’s turn, the most notorious boy in the class. His mother owns an ice cream and cake parlour.
The gift was inside a small, wet box, with water dripping from the bottom. A fan of cakes and ice cream herself, after smelling the gift she said “I know what it is… chocolate mousse right?”
“No ma’am.. it’s not a cake… it’s….”
“ I know, I know, it’s a box of ice cream” she said while licking the water dripping from the box.
“Smells and tastes like, orange… orange-flavoured ice cream right?”
“No, no ma’am.. it’s…”
“Wait-wait, I know the smell ! Vanilla ! Vanilla ice cream?”
“No ma’am it’s not…..” Dullah started to look puzzled
“Then tell me, WHAT IS IT?
“Well Ma’am.. It’s just a puppy…”
(he he he... of course it's not a real story laaa....)