Friday, 7 November 2008

Diary of an expat's Wife

My daily routine consists of: cuddling with my cupcake-Rania, supermarketing (it’s my term for going to the supermarket), cooking, exercising, and internet, internet, internet. Over the past few days, I’ve realized that I have lost my pre-wedding-pre-mother-pre-expat’s wife social life.

No, I’m not feeling lonely , or complaining at all.

I just felt different.
As an expat’s wife (I just love the term hi hi) in Singapore, moving in and settling down to a foreign country has structurally changed my life. See, I used to be a 9-to-5 person (or 7.30 to 6 in previous company), a-bunch-of-activity person, a let’s-hang-out-together person. Before, if my then-boyfriend-now-hubby had to work late or was away, I can just call someone from my phonebook and just flew. Now, my only choice was to watch those TV series on starworld or to window-shopping single-handedly. Not only that, once “the bundle of joy” arrives, you will have less bundle of time to socialize. Let’s just say, instead of drinking café latte, you have to prepare HER latte (grin :P ).

Thus now, my closest friend is a thin box with keyboards, named HP pavilion entertainment Notebook PC. Ha ha.

No, It’s not that I don’t have a social life or normal human beings as friends here in Singapore. I have some Indonesian friends, but most of them are singles. And why would a single individual spend their free time in a chaotic house filled with a baby screaming at the top of her lung demanding for milk, instead of sipping coffee in starbucks? (Ok it’s not that bad, my house is NOT chaotic-it’s a lovely one, and Rania never screams). There is also this couple that we used to hang out with, J and Y, but they flew back to his home country several months ago. Hiks.
And what about the local Singaporeans, you might say? At my age, most of them already have their own circles of friends. Plus I don’t speak mandarin or Malay. I’d love to go back to work or join some clubs like toastmasters or rotary, but, well, my 3 months old lil’ cupcake needs me.

So again, I’m not complaining here, I’m just telling you the story, so that you can appreciate more of your expat-boss’ wife :D

I still and will keep in touch with my friends via Facebook or Friendster. Or YM Messenger. Or skype. Or my blog. Or all of the above. After all, it’s the new millennium era, where wedding invitation will arrive in your inbox instead of your post-box. And in the mean time I will enjoy my precious time with my new best friend for the past 3 months. Her name is Rania :D

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