Thursday, 4 August 2011

Half a world away

It's so nice to finally write again.
First news, I am not in Singapore anymore. And no, I don't move back to Indonesia. Instead, we moved half a world away to...... Germany. Yupp, we are in Europe! We live in a (small) city called Bonn and we live right in the zentrum (center).
Like any city in Europe, the center is the melting pot of everything. Restaurants, shops - I am the first to know if there's a Sale in H&M-, playground, and even the street musicians.
I don't need to turn on my stereo to hear music, I just need to open my window, guess which musician who will turn up today, and voila!
Second, no, I haven't quit work. I was a bit caught up with work last year and early this year, but from now on I decided that I have to spend time to write. Life is already so good and I need to document them by writing.