Monday, 14 January 2013

Oh my God!

It's been 5 months since my last post! I'm so guilty for being lazy!

My book has been published and I'm so grateful for it. I have received my first pay check (royalty) for the book, it was not much but it gave me goosebumps, literally. The book at the moment is only available thru this link but it is in the midst of becoming an e-book and to be distributed to national book stores. Let's keep my fingers crossed!

The weather has been so nice and unnice (is unnice even a word) at the same time because we have snow though it is not so cold (yay!) but the sun doesn't shine, hence, it's depressing. But at least the temperature doesn't plunge to below zero like in Russia or Korea, I could not stand wearing thermals any more.

We went to Paris for the Autumn break and Disneyland. And for the new year we went to London, which was lovely as always.

Talk about new year, I don't have any resolution for this year; I think I have stopped making resolution since 2010 because I know I hardly hold on to it (yes, I am that indecisive). I would though, love to brush up my German thought I don't think I have the time ( and the dedication, hehehe) to attend a full time German class, but the only one-on-one tutoring offer I received doesn't come cheap either. So I have to stick with my on-line class I guess. Another thing I might do again in 2013 is Toastmaster. I used to be member of Toastmaster back in Jakarta, so it's gonna be interesting again to come to a meeting here in Bonn. Let's see.

What's your 2013 resolution?