Saturday, 3 January 2015

Things I learned in 2014

1. Older does not mean wiser. 
I've seen some people who are supposed to wiser based on their life experience, but instead pertained drama like junior high school students. Eugh! 
2. When invited by someone, always thank them for inviting and don't forget to RSVP. 
Showing courtesy is a sign of a well-mannered and well-educated person.  I recently set up a party and some people just don't have the manner to even reply my email. Talk about no self respect!
3. When coming into someone's house, always offer to take off your shoes. 
Because it bugs me when people come stomping to my house's just-mopped floor and all I can do is to re-mop the whole thing. 
4. Be nice to you neighbours and get to know them. 
Nothing beats having a good neighbor. Period. 
5. Having been lived in many countries does not make you a "World Citizen", if you don't act like one.