Thursday, 5 January 2012

Soc Med: the new ground for bragging

Ten years ago people would brag about the places they can visit for holiday. Then flying becomes cheaper and people find another way to brag, by showing up their stuff, branded bags and expensive mobile phones. Now, mobile phones becomes so cheap, and people opt for smart phones instead. With the birth of social media and the apps in our smart phones, people find a new place to show off : Facebook, twitter, my space, you name it.

People tweet about almost everything in my timeline: from what they do during the week, movies they watch, placed they visit, what they cook and stuff they buy. Some are informative, some are horrid. Pics of their lunches / dinners make me drool, but some also make me say"eugh!"

My friends' Facebook status always make me laugh too. From high school lovers missing their loved ones (yes, I do have some 'younger' friends) to ... online store advertisements selling bikinis!

Some tweet or put status that politely show off their exquisite purchase, like "Oh, this new blablabla powder I just bought is so nice to wear" while we all know that 'blablabla' brand cost 3 meals in a fine dining restaurant. Or "wow, surely this xxx shampoo/body lotion is worth the price" while the xxx brand is only available abroad.

One tweeple (twitter people?) posted not only the pics of the touristic places but also photos of her seat in the plane -which obviously not an economy class seat- and tweeted about how she always love the 'airport lounge' And all this, for a non business trip. Talk about bragging people!

Now, please excuse me as I need to tweet and update my status, I need to brag about this new blog post I made :D

Happy New Year People! Keep on bragging! (about the good stuff, that is!)