Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Gong Li and Smelly 5h1tty

Just read today’s newpaper. And two issues came up: first, Gong Li switch her citizenship to Singaporean. There has been hot debate over her switch, About her being a "chinese traitor". but to me, it is her life, her own choices. There’s nothing to shout about it.
For me, it’s a good thing. Yuppie. Maybe next time I go to Orchard road I will have a chance to rub shoulder with a Hollywood’s actress!
But wait, I hardly ever see a Singapore artist, even a Gurmit Singh during my trips to Orchard. So the possibility to see her is also small laa.. Maybe she prefers to shop in Rodeo Drive or Saks 5th Avenue than Orchard Road.

Second thing I read was that……Odour print can be used to identify people. I was like? Huh? So maybe when this technology exists I will be known as “Smell-N1C3*” instead of Turike. Or the lady that mopped the apartment every morning will be known as “Smell-5h1tty
The research stated it is because “every person has a unique fragrant similar to a fingerprint or DNA sample” The research has been done to mice by a Lab in the States.
For me, it doesn’t need a research laa.. Whenever the foul-smell mopper lady in my apartment building came to mop each morning, I know already it’s her even from a zillionth kilometre away… That can also be called odour-print right?

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indra a wibowo said...

Hi ibu Turi....boleh ga yah komen pake bahasa di blog yang ini.
sudah lama tidak ketemu dan ngobrol ternyata sudah punya anak yah.
Good luck with your family yah...pasti bakalan jadi ibu yang sangat baik untuk anaknya seperti nyokap lu yah.....