Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Light(headed) Writer

Some said that my blog posts are light, readable and enjoyable. Some, however, said that my blog is "too" light.

"I like your blog"

"Thank you, what do you think?

"It's nice, funny and light … " "But.."

"But what? "

"But, well it's 'too' light."

I determined not to confront straightforwardly and to keep my mouth shut at that moment.

My intentions of writing these posts are twofolds : to share all the silly stuff that happens---and HAD HAPPENED-- in my life, (also to share all those thoughts that suddenly came up when I watched OPRAH)….... and ooh well, to brush up my writing skills*sigh*

Nothing more than that. (ooh, except for making a few extra dime from those Ads… yes, you can call me a material girl mum :P )

I can write about all those quantum theories, nuclear science, non relativistic physics, which perturbs my sanity for 4.5 years….

Or I can write about energy management, industrial safety indicators or Kyoto (now Bali) protocols, which inhabited my mind for another 14 months…

Or, I can write about power pricing, coal fuel component cost, repayment structure, which crammed my life-10 hours a day, almost everyday-for the past 4 years…

But that would be plainly SELFISH. Because most of the blogs that I can take pleasure in during my "blog-hopping" are down-to-earth ones, no hussy no fuzzy.

So yes, you won't be seeing me writing about SAVING THE RAINFOREST, ADOPTING a KOMODO (or an orang utan), SOARING COAL PRICE, ECONOMIC SLOWDOWN, or even FINDING THE RIGHT TASTE OF NASI LEMAK IN PUNGGOL (yes, for me that would be considered as something serious).

My posts are light, yes they are.

And I intent to keep it that way


nadia febina said...

Hi Diva.. (or is it Turike??) :)
kunjungan balik nih bu...

Wow, your blog is so so nice.. i enjoy it very much! and PLEASE! avoid speaking about soaring oil price, or energy management, production et al. that is sooo.. office! hahahaha.

Let's be light and put a smile on readers' face, hihihi... (i'm smiling now, cant you see it? hehehe) Beramal dan beribadah boo, bikin orang seneng... hekekekek.. :D

Sy link yaa...
take care in singapore!

Turike said...

Trima Kasih Mbak Nadia... huhuhu terharu dikunjungi Jeng Nadia, Ratu Blogger kekekekek!!! Terima kasih suka Blog saya, saya juga cinta blogmu Bu *nyembah-nyembah*, Take care in Africa! Thanq for the link, aq link juga ya jeng!