Saturday, 1 November 2008

Smells like Vanilla Ice Cream

Did you remember your primary school years? Where playing was part of the curriculum, math was so simple, Boys were so NAUGHTY and your teacher was so lovable. One of my most memorable moments was in the early years of primary school. Our school teacher named Christine was nice, we liked her so much, on her birthday we decided to give presents to her, individually. She, of course had a job to guess each and every presents she received.

Ratih, whose father owns a flower shop went first. "Happy Birthday Miss Christine" and gave her the gift.
The gift was covered in plastic with water saturated all over it……It smells nice, must be a flower she thought.
“A flower is it? Must be a beautiful one, I’m sure”
Ratih smiled and nodded.

Then after that Ajeng, daughter of a famous designer came to front and handed her a gift.
“Many Happy returns Madam”
The present was thin and soft … Hummm it should be a designer dress!
“It must be a dress of your mom’s famous brand?
Ajeng nodded.
“Thank you Ajeng…”

And then it was Dullah’s turn, the most notorious boy in the class. His mother owns an ice cream and cake parlour.
The gift was inside a small, wet box, with water dripping from the bottom. A fan of cakes and ice cream herself, after smelling the gift she said “I know what it is… chocolate mousse right?”
“No ma’am.. it’s not a cake… it’s….”
“ I know, I know, it’s a box of ice cream” she said while licking the water dripping from the box.
“Smells and tastes like, orange… orange-flavoured ice cream right?”
“No, no ma’am.. it’s…”
“Wait-wait, I know the smell ! Vanilla ! Vanilla ice cream?”
“No ma’am it’s not…..” Dullah started to look puzzled
“Then tell me, WHAT IS IT?
“Well Ma’am.. It’s just a puppy…”
(he he he... of course it's not a real story laaa....)

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Thank god it's only its pee, not its dirt