Wednesday, 12 November 2008


I grew up in a place where respect and courtesy is a must. “Respect others how you want to be appreciated” As my momma always said. I remember my European friends always said Indonesians are “courteous, a bit slow but always in smiley mode”.

So when I first arrived here in Singapore, I was having a bit of culture shock. Singaporeans are very efficient, professional people. So efficient, they’ll do anything to keep it up. That’s why; you’ll hardly see a customer’s service smiling, or a taxi driver making chit chat before the trip. Because that’s just damn inefficient! To some people that’s OK, but to others, it can be a sign of lack of courtesy.

Forget MRT passenger giving away seats to the elderly or to a pregnant lady (Been there, done that…) that’s just inefficient…

Forget people give spaces to a mommy with a stroller in an elevator that opens only 4 second. That’s inefficient.

Forget getting a smile on someone’s face, either a taxi driver, a resto manager, a customer service, a store clerk. That’s just damn inefficient!!!

Maybe, Indonesia should learn from Singapore. We have to turn our always-smiley-faces to efficiency….

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