Tuesday, 11 November 2008

1 Million !

I felt so pleased today and yesterday as I got responses about my blog. Some like it, some loathe it. For those of you who appreciate it. I thank you. For those who loathe it, I still thank you. It means you took the time to read it and your response will be a foundation for improvement.

Some people asked me, why I blog. Is it to spend time? To communicate with readers? To express myself? To make money?
So today, while looking for “a blogging” idea to cure my blogger’s block, I stumbled upon a blog that stated its objective is: to get a million readers in 365 days.

I was like… “wow, what a terrific idea.”

See, we just don’t blog for ourselves – otherwise just write yourself a diary- we blog so that others can see and view our thoughts, and of course cherish what we have written. Human is a social being, you just can’t erase that!

So, that can be one of my objectives: get a million readers from around the world to read my blog in a year! And of course guys, you, yes YOU, my fellow blogger and beloved reader; you are welcome to help me! Bring along all your friends to read this blog. Keep me posted with your comments. Give me ideas to write new post.

So what’s my main goal in writing this blog? Well, I'm still figuring it out. But the “1 million readers” sounds like a good idea that, I-with your help-can achieve.

And, oh… don’t forget to CLICK “my sponsors” link :D This will also helps me bring on my "mood" for writing. Ha ha!

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