Monday, 3 November 2008

Rania's Vaccination Day

Today we went to the doctor where Rania had her 3rd vaccination. We arrived at the clinic at 13.45 as opposed to our appointment time at 14.20.
We had to go to the bathroom first to change nappy; because she pooed in the taxi! I guess she's nervous :D
After arriving I asked for a permission from the nurse wheter we can change her nappy first before administering and she replied very "politely".
"Just go laaaa" shooing me with her hand "the morning period patients still havent finished anyway.." She added.
The nurses are grumpy as always to me, and so nice to other caucasians patients (maybe because my hair IS black), sniff. What's even worse was that our "queue" was being cut by 2 caucasian patients. More sniffs. But anyway, the doctor, YYY, was sooooooooo nice.
Rania had the 5-in-1 shots, which is a compulsary in Singapore: DPaT, HIB (influenza) , IPV(polio). Her doctor also recomended to give vaccination for Pneumococcal disease (meningitis) as well as Rotavirus. The 5 in 1 and the Pneumococcal vaccine were done by a jab in both her thighs. She didnt scream on the 1st jab, she even looked while her doctor was performing it. But she hell lotta scream when she got the second jab, she could be a soprano singer! The rotavirus vaccine, however, was done orally. She tasted it and made a very strange face like saying : "mummy, this thing taste so badly" Of course laaaa... It's a whole bunch of viruses dear!

So, now inside her tummy there are 7 types of viruses, rubbing shoulder with each other: Probably now they are having a fight with each other, before being eaten by her imune system (hopefully). No wonder tonite she's a bit grouchy.
That's her at home after the jab, with her grumpy face hehehehe...

By the way we also weight her and measure her length. She's now officlally .....5.8 kg and 63 cm long! 2.4 kg addition from her birth weight and almost 9 cm growth! Super superb!

We'll keep her posted of her wellbeing tommorrow, wheter the vaccines takes effect or not.


Just... said...


Tuh ada yg baru, bukan dari humor suroboyoan

Just... said...

Udah tak clikin tuh

Ampe gempor tanganku

Gantian yah. heheh..

tito said...

Since your daughter is still indonesian, please introduce her briefly on Indonesian / local bacteria (nak coro jowo, biasane sering di gowo nang pasar), do not take any high doze of antibiotik for her.