Saturday, 8 November 2008

The review: Quantum of Solace.

This is a superb late post unfortunately. Was busy going out with family today :).

Seeing James Bond’s Quantum of Solace yesterday had given me a new optimism in anticipating an action hero’s movie. In this era where hand phone-cum-camera-cum-walkman becomes an everyday gadget, blackberry is NOT related to strawberry and Oscar’s winner of special effect and stunt can be translated to “abundant exploitation of cgi’s and blue screen”, seeing James Bond stunts in the movie yesterday was relieving.

I remember seeing Norris, Van Damme, Seagal, Arnold, Stallone in 80s movies and portray them as so-called “action hero” with genuine act: jumping from buildings, combat scene, car chasing, etc. But since computer generated special effects booming in the late 90’s, the term action hero doesn’t stand for “a hero in action” anymore. Cgi and blue, green or even purple screen has made any actors at any age be able to be an action hero. We have seen a boy with spectacle riding a broomstick fighting witches (Harry Potter), midgets combating the murky army (LOTRs), a grandpa fighting aliens (the latest Indiana Jones) and even children make friends with a talking lion (Chronicles of Narnia)!

So really, seeing effects in the James Bond movie appear so real and knowing he did most of his own stunts on the sets instead of in front of the screens, I gave Daniel Craig two thumbs up. In the first 10 minutes of the movie he can be seen: zigzagging in an Alfa Romeo in the mountains of Italy, jumping from buildings, landed in a moving truck, rambling in a motorbike INTO a speed boat, anything you can imagine. It’s not the so-called-special effect that thrills me, it’s the action.
And the story, oh yeah, it’s: guy meets girl, guy saves girl, guy sleeps with other girl, other girl died, guy fights the enemy, guy’s boss was angry-cut guy from investigation, guy does his own investigation, guy wins the fight. Typical 007. End of story.

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Santi said...

I really love the James Bond film series. I've never been disappointed but QoS was far from my expectation. It's not because of Craig's performance, but the story. I miss Q and moneypenny. The things I like was 007 costumes, casual and chic. I also like Olga Kurylenko. She's beautiful especially when she's wearing orange top with gold necklace. The color blends with her skin tone.