Friday, 21 November 2008

Character Recycle in Hollywood??

These last few years the concept of “Reuse and Recycle” (but not to Reduce) was very famous in Tinseltown slash Hollywood. This concept comes in terms of: re-filming an old movie, ( Ocean 11, Guess Who’s (Coming to Dinner?)), remaking Hollywood version of non Hollywood movie (like remaking those 500 Asian Horror Movies), making sequels (from Bonds, Batmans, X-Mens, Madagascar 1-2 ) and also recasting old characters.

Some characters however, are too iconic to be played by the same actor (and also too expensive, you see actors tend to raise their paycheck after the 1st movie :P ) And when a role is recast, each actor who steps in carry their own personality in the part. So now, I’ll try my best, to choose which actor plays their character the best. And in case you didn’t agree, just shout in the comments box!

James Bond. My name is Bond, James Bond.
Aaaahh those famous line. OK, Bond was played by: Sean Connery – very suave and gentle; Roger Moore - too suave and nothing dangerous; Timothy Dalton – doesn’t he supposed to smile once and a while? Pierce Brosnan – too sophisticated for a 007, not to mention the strange name: to Pierce?; And Daniel Craig –dangerous, tough with a hint of sex appeal.
RESULT: Daniel Craig, no other actor can beat those freakin’ muscles, whoa!

Batman. To The Bat Mobile!
Michael Keaton – too cute to wear a mask not to mention to dodge crimes; Val Kilmer – not memorable; George Clooney – let’s say he better stick to play Danny Ocean; Christian Bale- psychotic and dark and those deep throat voice can be a bit annoying.
RESULT: Although his deep throat voice sounds too annoyingly made-up, he’s still the most heroic batman around, he took on the bad credit to protect Gotham’s believe in Harvey Dent. And he’s the only one who can play both Batman and Bruce Wayne as two separate entities.

Superman. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, its Superman!!
Christopher Reeves: the CHARISMA; the new guy (forgot his name)- good face, bad acting, less charisma.
RESULT: REEVES by default!

The Hulk/Bruce Banner. Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry..
Bill Bixby-the nice and know-it-all Hulk; Eric Bana-the papa’s boy hulk since the film revolves around the issues with Banner’s papa; Edward Norton-the smiley Hulk with a too soft voice.
RESULT: Bill Bixby!!! Nothing more to say.
PS: most pictures are taken from Yahoo! Pls don't sue me for copyrights :P


Anonymous said...

Totally agree :p

Santi said...

Talking about Bond, i absolutely love Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. Of all the actors who have played James Bond, I consider Connery is the most charismatic. However both of them are charming, confident, and elegant. I truly thought of Brosnan as Bond by the time he left and was sad to see him go.

Turike said...

Hi Mbak, thanq for the comments :D Although Craig is now my most favorite Bond, I also love Brosnan and Connery, especially their strong charisma and elegance. Again, thanq for the comments ya :D