Monday, 10 November 2008

Chocolate Heaven, Ikea, Nasi Goreng...

Forgive me for the terrifically late post.
Sunday was busy whole day ( visit from some friends, then esplanade), yesterday was also busy (Ikea then a visit from my uncle until 11pm!).
Here are some pictures from Sunday:

This is Rania with Auntie Mira, a friend of mine. She lives in Bangkok Monday to Friday and in Singapore Friday night to Monday morning. Gush, whatta busy life she has!

For dinner we all went to esplanade. But the dessert time is what I’ve been waiting for. We went to a resto called Max Brenner: a chocolate heaven!
I ordered chocolate soufflé. Centre-filled with gooey chocolate. A very nice 300-calories dessert! heheheh.
Hubby and a friend ordered some choco drinks. Look at the cute glasses with the straw! It says " drink me!"
This is a cute mug! It says “hug me” Whoaaa so cute..
Unfortunately as my super handphone was almost out of battery yesterday, there was no pics from IKEA's trip of yesterday. But we had good time. Bought some red-items to add some color to our living room : trash bin, nice pillows. Also bought: aqua blue bathrobe, laptop holder.
We tried the baby room, on both floors!. First for breasfeeding : Rania got hungry. Second time for... again, pooped! this means Rania loves IKEA too, just like Plaza Sing :D (hint: see previous post).
Ok, that's all for now, gotta go again, I'm gonna cook some NASI GORENG.... want some?


nila tanzil said...

turi... cobain White Chocolate smoothie-nya Max B deh... uenaaakk buangeeeettt... slurrrpp... my fave! ;)

btw, nasi gorengnya pedes gak? mau dooonkkk.. hehehe..

mira said...

had a great time dear, should do it again hopefully soon!