Tuesday, 9 December 2008

This is what we did on a saturday nite.

This is what we did last saturday nite:
We went to a not-so-surprise party (no photos unfortunately). Then went for Korean BBQ (Again, no photos unfortunately).

Then, we went to Esplanade, and saw this booths that let's people to write notes on balloons that are to be launched this new year's eve.
(sorry,no reveal!)

We wrote down in our "native" language. Yes, my lovely hubby does writes in Javanese characters.
*yes, you can clap hands"

It says : Wishing you a happy new year.

One of our friends wrote down our our one of our Heroic Anthem.

* a True Patriot*

.....Followed by a cup of hot chocolate at... Max Brenner.. (again).

The mug says "hug me" and yes I did.

Unfotunately, this kind of lifestyle is still not "elite" enough to join this "exclusive" Indo - Singapore Mom's groups. Bwahahahahah. Click here for a reminder.

Risna, thanq for your hillarious stories on those Indo Mommies in Singapore :p

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