Saturday, 6 December 2008

What had happened!!

I'm sorry for not posting for like, eeerr, a week! Gosh!! Thank you to everybody who buzz me, asking for new posts, all are appreciated! Anyway, lotsa things have been going on these past few days.

Last Saturday, we went to a churascaria (hope I pronounce it right), Brazilian meat-lovers restaurant. The waiter-cum-chef would go around bringing meat and stuff, and we can decide on the spot if we want to get the food or not. They gave us these stickers, green for :yes, please and red for :no, thank you.

We can put the sticker on the table…


Put on the forehead. (Umm, the model in this picture is undeniably conscious of her silly pose :p )

After that, we went to a lousy lounge in Clark quay and then to…. Zirca, the new club at the recently-closed MOS's venue.

The concept was rather absurd, sort of fanfare, circus-que ( I have no idea what this word means) club (that's where it get its name Zirca), so we'd see these girls wearing party masks and feather scarf, dance like crazy in several stages. My recommendation? MOS still rules!

Then Rania had her second jab last Monday. Hiks. Poor Rania, her jabs were so painful, she didn't stop crying (or more likely screaming) for 5 minutes!!!. POOR RANIA. Lucky for us, Rania did not have any signs of fever. PFffff.

Afterward, last Friday Rania and I went to a New Mother's Group Xmas Party, where Rania got her first Xmas present and her first photo with Santa.

Sorry, no revealing of Mama Rania's face :D

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