Sunday, 28 December 2008

Didn’t make it into the final

Rania was a bit upset these past few days……

First she went to a swimming contest for babies. YES, it was a real swimming contest, with a jury, rules and scoring applies. She planned to knock down all the boys, but unfortunately our swimmer got a "stage fright" and cried right before, and during the contest.

Then she catches a bit of flu/ cold from her father. Sniff. So she was a bit cranky and had difficulty drinking milk for a couple of days. Luckily she is getting better today.

And then, she didn't make it into the swimming contest final.

But it's OK; I know it's a bit difficult to make it into the final. This time. (hihihihih).

1 comment:

Siek Ling said...

hehehehehe... ternyata ikutan toh... tadinya ling juga mau bawa nandini biar ikutan tapi berhubung maknya males ( eh bapaknya lbh males denk :P ) n bbnya lagi rada2 cranky belakangan kaga jadi dehhh...

kalo kaga kita bs ketemuan ya ? :)