Sunday, 4 January 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s not counting our Blessing (but something else instead..)


Let's start our new year by counting our BLESSING and our 'unhappiness', so that we can do something to improve it.

Counting our blessing? It's a so USUAL approach. But focusing on our unhappiness is a atypical approach.

So why focus on our unhappiness? Because happiness is a concept, an absurd concept. But unhappiness is something within our reach… Ask someone about the blessing and they stop at 10. Ask someone of their complaints, and they won't stop till 101.

So instead of focusing on: getting more money, buying oh-so-expensive iMac, or loosing 3kgs of body fat, let's focus on : your cranky boyfriend, your too-salty food, your unwearable wardrobe, your broken iPod, or even your annoying neighbourhood dog.

Leave your abusive boyfriend! Change your too salty food to organic veggies! Mix and Match your unstylish wardrobe, or even so, sell it via! Cannot afford a new iPod? upload song via your Handphone! And to avoid your annoying neighbourhood dog, take a longer turn on the way home, and maybe you'll see a hidden gem store!


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