Thursday, 15 January 2009

The least we can do...

Just read a current post of another blogger's blog... she reminds me of doing SOMETHING instead of just CONDEMNING the GAZA situation...and writing it on my blog :P . Since the location and the situation over there doesnt allow us to do much and that I'm nobody but a powerless housewife cum mummy, the least we can do is to show that we care.
I'm researching the net now to find more useful links.  But for a starter there's a link of an organization that focuses on saving children - I got it from the blog I mentioned earlier.
Signing a petition probably wont do much, except for trying to gain a wider attention from the world - and the world leaders. But at the very least, we can do something.

I felt that I've done my part - by signing the petition. I hope you've done yours too. 

PS : thanks Mbak Nadia Febina for the inspiration :)

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