Friday, 16 January 2009

And there it goes… my Kate Spade Bag…

Yep yep, I know it's silly to write about beauty treatment in between posts about Gaza. But, hey, a girl's gotta write, what a girl has experienced, correct?

Anyway… I went to a facial a couple of days ago. Since I haven't had any facial treatment for the past 1 year, I decided to indulge myself to some sort of 'semi luxurious facial'. Well, it was only my silly excuse actually :p

To make a long story short, I had my appointment at this spa in Orchard. Upon arriving, I told the receptionist I wanted to have a diamond peel facial, which considered as a "middle rank" facial on their menu list. However, she replied by saying that "the therapist will assess your skin first and advise you on the kind of treatment needed." OK I thought, she'll assess me first, but I'm the person who would make the final DECISION, right?


First, she cleaned my face with regular face milk, toner whilst inquiring me with my face care daily routine. Then she quickly made a good look at my face. Need to remind you though; it was done in a dimly lit room. THEN… she carefully told me:

"Your skin is very dry. So you need an extra moisturizing facial. We have one called the 'Super Duper Replenishing Moisturizing Luxurious Crème Facial ' (of course it's not the real name of the treatment lah…)

Feeling suspicious, I asked her about the price. And she said a number that actually can buy a return ticket to Phuket. FOR TWO PERSON!! WTF!! I was like, what?

But pretending to be calm, I asked her if there's such similar facial. And she told me that there's this "Ultra hydrating Masque Vibrating Facial". The cost? An On-SALE Kate Spade bag. Sigh.

Gulping, I told the flawless-skin therapist, "let me just have the diamond peel, OK?"

But she kept on giving me this lecture of how my skin was dry, and I will start and maybe had already starting to have wrinkles. That I have dark spots here and there, and also discoloration and chapped skin in some areas, etc, etc… After 10 minutes of hearing her bragged, I was like, sigh… decided to give it a try. And there it went swiftly, my on-sale-bright-leather Kate Spade Bag. Sniff.

Although feeling a bit ripped off, I decided to enjoy the facial anyway, and luckily I had a very good result. Just a heave a sigh of relief after paying for my 'BAG'….the therapist started to again, give me lectures about skin care… and before I knew she was already trying to sell me these products that would cost me a new GUCCI bag! "C'mon lah, you should take care lah… I can give you some instalment plan you know, 24 months, ain't that cheap, what?" Crazy huh, how they never stopped. This time, I didn't buy her speech.

On my way home, I decided to stop by at WATSON and buy some economical facial care products: a good facial foam, and a good moisturizer that cost me less than 30 bucks. I decided to really take good care of my skin now, to avoid going to some facial therapy in the near future, because I'm hoping to participate in the upcoming GUCCI or KATE SPADE sale: P HELL YEAH!

… And oh yeah, just after 4 days of extra moisturization (blah!) from those inexpensive products, I got my pre-pregnancy glowing-hydrated skin back. Who needs a pot of gold to pay for a glowing skin? Obviously a 'very silly mummy who just couldn't say, NO! to a talkative facial therapist'. Hehehe.

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