Tuesday, 13 January 2009

My haircut by shunji-san

I just had a haircut at the famous Shunji Matsuo Salon at Bideford road. Wow. It's a value for money. Very valued if I may say.

I remember that most of my indo friends who stay in Sing always complain about the lofty price for a haircut on the Salon's price list, not to mention that in front of the cashier, the price you ought to pay would be MUCH, much higher that the price originally listed on the list. And they would try to sell you this and that of some hair stuffs at the end. And for the style? Let's just say it won't worth it.

But it's all different in this Shunji-Chan Salon.

I went there with a couple of pictures as references. The stylist, a Japanese girl, discussed the pics with me and gave me some good advice of what to do with my hair. It was a meaningful advice.

First, a shampoo girl washes my hair with a round of shampoo, and then blows it half dry. Cut and trim then began. She was precise and trimmed my hair bit by bit. It took almost 45 mins to do it, followed by another blow dry. The stylist then did the final trimming after my hair was done, something which I have never experienced in another Salon. Normally, the stylist would just leave you to the blow-dryer after he or she finished with her task and doesn't bother to check the final result, right? Later the hair stylist even gave me some comments on my hair texture and generally what kind of hair style suits me.

Definitely worth a try.

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