Sunday, 14 December 2008

Rania's comment on Zouk Out

Rania : (holding a polaroid picture)"Mommy, is that a picture of you partying at Zouk Out last nite? with those Aunties (and an Uncle) ?
Mommy : "Yes, dear, (gulp)"
Rania : "So you left me at home?"
Mommy: "Umm, yess dear, so sorry.. I..."
Rania : "Why dont you take me with you mommy? You know I love to party!!! Will they play Barney's songs or some Nursery Rhymes?"
Mommy : "?????!!!!"
PS : Rania was really looking at the picture. I guess she wandered what her mother and her friends were wearing that night. Oh, yeah, it was really her hand on the picture, she was REALLY holding and looking at the pic.


Joy said...

hahahahha? emang loe pake baju kyk apa sihhh?

Turike said...

Baju 'ketek' hehehehe :P kan di pantai gituh! hihihih