Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Answer is: NO

"God doesn't love me," a friend of mine said to me while we chatted a couple of days back.

"What made you think so, dear?"

"My love life is a mess; my career is rather walking slowly. I couldn't hang out they way I used to with my friends, because, well, they're mostly married. God doesn't love me. I prayed for a happy life, a steady slash exclusive relationship, and a good career. And look at me now. He didn't answer my prayer!"

I stopped for a moment there. I could have answered her question by saying all these mushy-poetic words of wisdom. But then my eyes stumbled upon this newspaper of several months ago that's been lying around on the floor. It says "NO is the answer." It doesn't have anything to do with the topic we discussed, but it inspires me

And so I told her "Honey, God DOES loves you. He DID answer your prayer. He did! And the answer is NO! It is OK to have NO for an answer. You see, in life you don't always get what you want, God would only gives you what HE thinks you'd need. Maybe right now, you don't need a guy in your life. Maybe you need to focus more on your career, so you'll be able to pay your credit card debts (yes dear the CC you use to pay for those Gucci shoes!). Maybe after a while you'll have a savings, in which you can use for your dream vacation. And maybe, maybe, when you least expect it, you'll find your one-and-only at the given moment in time. "

So, whenever next time you feel like God doesn't answer you call; don't make a big fuss out of it. He did hear you, He did answer your call, it just that the answer is NO. And it is OK to have NO for an answer.

…Because everything will have its own time, its own reason, and its own moment to come into your life.

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