Thursday, 11 December 2008

Killing... errr Shopping Spree.

I went to a shopping spree yesterday, woohoo!
I don't remember the last time I went to such a BIG Sale like that. YES, you can call me a " snob" because normally I don't do "SALE" shopping haha!
The truth is, I HATE Sale. Because it means you need to rub shoulders during the shopping spree with 1 thousand people, just to be able to 'digest' the discounts. Or in other words:
But this time, I just wanna give it a try. And boy, I'm glad I did try it out! It was mostly 50% discounts on everything, from gowns, dresses, to shorts. And again I want to SHOW OFF the dresses I bought in such bargain prices.

Purple Ballon Semi Wool Dress.

Bohemian Classic dress.
A friend who went to the shopping with me told me there will be more Sale in 2 weeks. I guess i'm gonna keep my self busy these next weeks. Dont bother to check my blog. KIDDING!!! Ill keep up the updates of the SALE SHOPPING SPREE , hihihi.

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