Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Star Trek into Darkness

Thanks to my Mom who is here on vacation, I was able to watch "Star Trek Into Darkness" in cinema last Sunday eve, leaving Rania under her care and dragging hubby of course to accompany me. 
It's probably a bit weird to see a woman in her 30's going eagerly to see a Star Trek movie. Have to admit, I'm a trekkie. I have always showed an appreciation towards science fiction movies or stories since I can remember. When I was five, I saw this Japanese robot TV show and decided I wanted to be an astronaut to explore space. I did not become one but I ended up taking Physics as my major, and graduated with a degree. Pfffuuuh. Not bad for someone who chooses physics as major, expecting to discuss warp machine, time travel and klingon in the classroom (which were of course, never discussed). Mom said that when she was expecting with me she read "Close Encounter Of The Third Kind" and that probably explains my tendencies on science fiction babble. FYI, the movie is about making physical contact with extra terrestrial. Ahem.  
Anyway, about the STID movie, I loved it, totally totally loved it. It cleverly shows a good combination of action, mystery and drama. I like the fact that the characters stay true to their known personalities and some connections to a previous movie, in this case "The Wrath of Khan", are added.  
Of course there are some inside jokes that only a Trekkie would understand, such as when Chekov is asked to put on a ‘red shirt’, but the rest are reasonable.  
A friend who happened to watch the movie in the same theatre told me, a reason she watched it is because of the actor of one of the main protagonist: 
Benedict Cumberbatch. 
He’s probably best known as Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series “Sherlock.” 
I, along with other 30-40 millions female viewers who have watched the show went head over heels with his blunt, sharp gaze and deep voice. 
Here he is as Sherlock.
 And here he is as "John Harrison" in STID
He can be seen again in Season 3 of "Sherlock", but in the meantime, I will have my twinings tea and watch a re-run of Sherlock season 2. 

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