Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cloud Atlas

Just by chance me and husband decided to watch "Clould Atlas" on AppleTV last weekend. Not knowing the story nor reading the reviews, we have no expectation of the flick. It lasted almost 3 hours and we needed to have a one hour break in the middle just because it's too long for us to bear. By the time it finished  hubby was already in bed, leaving me alone the last 1 hour of the movie. It is not a mainstream kind of Hollywood movie - directed by or somehow related to the guys who made the Matrix- but I kinda like it. There are six stories which are somehow related to each other spanning different time periods, from  the slavery era to the distant future / post apocalyptic time.
What interest me the most is probably the way the actors play different characters in different stories, which leave me guessing the whole time which actor play which character in which story. More interestingly, the actors would sometime play characters from different races than their own, so we are talking about 'yellowface' make up here!
For example, this is Jim Sturgess and the second pic is him in character as a Korean. (pics from and

Here are some more pics I got from

Definitely a must watch!.

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