Sunday, 12 May 2013

Another "guilty" post. What matters most.

...And it's been another 4 -5 months after my last post. *raise hand and scream "Guilty"*

It's been a little hectic nowadays, except for my home-office work, I've been busy doing some 'research' on something. I'll tell all later what the research is all about when the time comes  :))

My book has been doing well but I'm stuck with the nationwide distribution, though many have sent me their praises privately; and for me that's what matters most.

Once you get older, life is all about priority and putting what matters most upfront and what less behind. Yeah, now that I'm a year older 2 weeks ago (happy birthday to me!!), I have some thoughts spinning in my head such as, work vs Rania vs my book vs (taking care of) house vs other stuff. Of course Rania and the house should come first and the rest second and third and forth and so on.

Perhaps not everyone knows that my little cupcake is not the easiest child to manage in her pre-school, as she is unable to speak to certain teachers or adults in some situations. Since she is now 4 years old and next thing I know, tomorrow she'd start kindergarten and primary school. So I'm really thinking to 'drop' everything and focus on her and her alone. You see, Rania is different to other child her own age when it comes to personality. She's an introvert girl who sometimes unable to express her feelings to total strangers or people she does not trust. Sadly, most of the adults who sees her behaviour thinks that she has this stubbornness or resentment towards authority figures, such as a teacher. And this makes her behaviour even worse in some situations.

Now, about what matter most. During my birthday two weeks ago, I learned that it's important to surround yourself with people who are smarter than yourself, friends who love you and respect you for who you are, friends who are sincere and won't expect anything in return. Life is too short to spend it with friends or people who suck out the happiness out of your life.

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