Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ready for my book?

I have a number of short stories on pregnancy and having a baby, in preparation to be published. Been staying there in my computer hard drive for like 2 years and the easy-breezy-lifestyle in Bonn has been successful in raising my urge to publish them.

Well, I have tried to sell it before to a big publisher like, 2 years ago. Not only that they never informed me the result of my proposal, they seemed to lost the draft as they never returned it!
So now I'm thinking to publish them (hard copy) with indie cum self-publishing, also in e-book format -hey, this the Google era, Man!

Basically, the draft is in Bahasa Indonesia, my mother tongue. HOWEVER, my husband informed his boss' boss ( YES, the boss of HIS BOSS!) that I will publish a book... in English. This Summer. OUCH! And moreover, she told anyone in the team that they need to support it a.k.a buy the book. Ahem... and the draft is still in Bahasa yaaa, not yet translated, not even a word! Meaning I still have long way to gooo to translate them into 'enjoyable-non plain' English. Ngyaiks!

Other than that I need to think about the layout, the cover, summary, and such. And the thank yous. Yikes. Looks like I got much stuff to work on. And this, on top of my usual work of being a mommy to ms cupcake AND the on-line project manager thingy.

Well, let's get on with it then!

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