Friday, 17 February 2012

Crazy about organizing

I'm not an organized person. I never liked the idea of tidying up or decorating a room.

Things change however after our move here to Bonn. Living in a nice apartment where we have to fill it from scratch, including kitchen AND lightbulbs! (ouch!), arrange the furnitures and decorate the apartment; things were tough at the beginning. From late delivery to days of installation / montaging - we decided we didn't want to spoil our mood by building them by ourselves so we hired a handyman - an excuse to be lazy :)

Since we don't have a maid to help clean the house (we used to have one back in SG), I decided that the house should be free from clutter. And, boy, it is not easy. Especially in the living room and Rania's room. Oh, those toys, my eyes, my eyes get sore for just seeing them! I don't want to throw them as some are gifts from loved ones and Ms Rania specifically remember each and every of her toys.

So, I start my journey to have cluter-less apartment. I hate seeing Ikea website where they show living ideas, or any DIY websites, because they all seem too tidy, too clutter-less and unrealistic!

So I started to search for organizing bloggers. REAL PEOPLE who blog about home organizing. They seem to have better solution to my problem.
It is very therapeutic to read those blogs, though at the same time make me feel so small. For example, this blog:
The writer is a mother of 6, ladies and gentlemen and she updates her blog regularly. Me? Just one toddler and I hardly have time to answer my email. Talk about bad time-management people!

This is another of my fave blog. It's an organizing / DIY blog and the writer's apartment / house seems very, very clutter free.

Looks like I still have a lot to do to make this apartment clutter-less. Well, let's start from tidying up Rania's room then :)

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Hello Indonesian ^^
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