Thursday, 19 April 2012

25 for 100??

I bought a hairdressing voucher from this Groupon, where it supposedly worth 100 Euros and I only paid 25 Euros. And the naive me went to the hairdresser today, expecting I would get a super-100 Euros-treatment. I always wanted to have the cute-japanese-fringe cut, so today I went for it. I was not disappointed, but was not totally jazzed up with the service either. The service was okay, it was the usual: cut, wash, blow dry, eye brow trimming and facial hair removal. It was okay for 25 Euros, but it certainly does not worth 100 Euros as per the advertisement.
I got my Japanese Fringe in the end, though Rania was not happy with my new haircut. She hated it so much that she cried when she first saw me as soon as I got home.
The lesson here : You pay for what you get. When you pay 25 Euros, expect 25 Euros treatment, hihihi.

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