Monday, 27 October 2008

The so-called crisis..(old post)

Taken from DIVA, Sunday, November 13th, 2005
Since we were a kid, our life has been filled with choices, from simple things, like where to play, which dolls to play with., which cartoon to watch.

Then, as we grew older, the choices became more complicated, like, which crowd to hang out with, whom to date, which dress to use, or even more complex choices, like which university to go to and which major to take.

Then we went to college, and in my story, it was: study hard, party even harder, make more friends, more stories, more experiences… an A+ or a D- , to skip classes or to go to the library.

Then I went abroad… even more studies, more crazy experiences…more stories

Then I came back and work.

Then making choices has never been simple anymore…

LIFE is not simple anymore…

I used to think that I am the kind of person who knows what I want out of life.

Then I realize that, back then in 2003-2004, I was 25, and I still have no clue of who I am and what I want in life.

I was 25, and I have never had any serious nor steady relationship, I am not that passionate about my work, and I realize that I can never hold on to anybody else for my problems.

I made a self defense mechanism to those who approached me.

The idea started a year ago.

I met this American girl who happened to work here, and she mentioned that – we ( as in ‘me and her’) are in the period of life where every little things become so important that we turned into very cautious human beings and take everything so seriously. We suddenly want so many things in life—that we can’t possibly have. Not only that, the society—a.k.a our families and friends and colleagues—seemed to push us into doing the ‘ordinary things that people do’ like; getting married.

We called this term: quarter life crisis (like we are going to live 100 years… but we are very optimistic person)

Now, year 2005.

Last Friday night, we were at a club, in the middle of drinking, and buzzing and talking about ¼ life crisis…Then suddenly a friend of mine spoke in the middle of the music… “We are not in a ¼ life crisis… We are in stage called life crisis”

Then she paused.

I was about to assured her that it is only a ¼-love life-crisis when she spoke again

“ No…… not only our love life is in crisis… but our life. Honey, we are in crisis”

Then she smiled and nodded and finished her drink.

Are we, Am I?

Now, I am 26. I think I have found my passion in life (that is to write, meet new people and ‘go to places where no one has gone before’ :P ). I still work for the same company, but in a different department and am more optimistic about it. I still take things too seriously, still want things I can’t have, and am still figuring out where to go from here. Am I ready for a next phase in life…. or not. My love life? Well, still ‘haven’t found what I am looking for’ as U-2 said. Found an abundant resource for Mr Right-Now…… but still looking for Mr Right. I still make wrong choices – and not happy about it.

Is this what we called a quarter life crisis?

I have no idea…I am only 26.

NOTE: Fast Forward, 3 years later, 2008. I am now 29 years old, married, with one daughter. Well, and LIFE IS even more complicated. More choices like... which diaper brand to use.. what to cook tonight :P ... Ngyaiks! thank goodness i have passed those so-called 1/4 life crisis!!!

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