Monday, 27 October 2008

Nice things that make life worth living

Nice things that make life worth living…..

(2005 version)

1. Sleeping!!!

2. Linguini Aglio Olio and Hot Chocolate Melt—Izzi Pizza
3. Fast breaking with rose syrup.. ..YUMM! Indomie fried noodles with scrambled egg
4. Sitting in a very hectic place –like in orchard road, with a laptop and just start to write about all the silly things happen in an instant
5. Posting in my blog!
6. Listening to Beatles’ lyrics
7. Have a nice conversation about stupid little things in life—little specific details which I noted only after the conversation—with very nice people.
8. Open my email and sms inbox and found new messages
9. A deep-warm-hug from my hubby after an argument
10. Smell of baby cologne (ha!) and sweet perfumes
11. Reading detective novels ( agatha christie’s) and realize who the killer is, before you finished reading.

12. A small, warm, sudden kiss on my neck and shoulder (by my hubby of course :P
13. Waking up in the middle of a ramadan’s nite and feel the tranquility
14. Eating “ nasi goreng (fried rice)” plus "green chili (cabe rawit)!"

And more…(2008 version..)
15. Feeling the breath of your baby on ur breast while breastfeeding her..
16. Waking up at the wee wee hour of the nite to your baby soft cry.. (ok, this is so corny!!!)
17. Smell of baby diapers (ngyaiks!!)

Ok, guess I still have a lot a lot of thing to write but hey.. my memory is limited, so I’ll add some more later on….

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