Saturday, 18 April 2009

what is your ‘ red balloon’?

From DIVA, October 29, 2006.

what is your ‘ red balloon’?

As if they were a bouquet of red balloons, you have been holding on to wish after wish for years now. Today, one of those balloons might slip your grasp and sail away from you, but you shouldn’t run after it. Watch it float higher, to land in a place you’ll never know. Then, realize that it didn’t actually elude your grasp. You consciously LET GO. Value the fact that YOU were the powerful force in that scenario and then go wish yourself another red balloon….

PS: Gonna miss you my red balloon…

PS: I don't remember wheter this is really my writing, or a made out poem from cut and paste of a chain email. But I think I wrote it myself. Blah. Whatever I did, just enjoy.

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