Friday, 6 March 2009

Is friendster dying?

Welcome to the Internet era, where people all over the world, thanks to such social networking site can gather up and find long lost friend, relatives. Friendster, was my first social networking site that I opted. It was fun at first but then became boring after a year or two because updates were not that often.
So first there was friendster and now, we have facebook.
It was really fun to see the updates of other "facebookers" in real time. It was so fun, more people are joining it, not only young people and adults, but also seniors and primary school students! There are even some people I know who learned to use the net and laptop for the first time, so they'll be able to have an FB account to connect with their old friends.
In my facebook friends list for example , you'd find : My Auntie in Netherlands, my cousin in Borneo, a girl I met while preparing my Belgium visa, my long lost primary school friends, and my husband relatives whom I have yet to meet... and even my Mom!
I think that the status updates part was the most interesting part of facebook, because you can just see what others feel or think. I remember I used it once to deduct the relationship status of the ex boyfriend of my relative, how strange!
It was fun to see the updates, comments, and photo updates of your friends, but imagine, if you can do it to others then others can also do the same to you! Or in other words : loss of privacy. It utterly dismayed me when I found out that anyone on my friends list (remember, sometimes we accept a friend request just in the name of courtesy. Haaaa, I'm sure you do it too he he!!!) can comment in anything I do with my account. Like for example changing your status from married to "single" - a friend of mine has tried this by the way- and the whole world would try to figure out your whole story. Once, 10 minutes after uploading a picture, I found 20 comments on the recent update pic, which turned out was a conversation between two relative that has nothing to do with the pic, or with me : they were just testing their account, how silly!
Things can get a bit messy, like when your OLD pictures starts showing up, showing you in party(ies!) in which I look my best, or worst! (ehm, yeah right!), in primary school uniform (and yes, I look so damn SKINNY!) or in your high school uniform (wearing BRACES!!!). Especially when you don't want certain people to see them, like your future employer, your aunties, your in-laws, ha ha! That's what I mean!
But, all in all, facebook is the best tool for making and gathering (old) friends and family. At least now I know how my old friends would look in case we accidentally meet at the mall. And I can keep in touch with my distant relative in a distance. And at least I can use my status updates for anything. Like what I did just yesterday : begging for a free Jason Mraz concert ticket. Bwahaha!

Ps : I'm not analyzing nor questioning the dying of friendster. I'm just a facebookers. :p

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