Thursday, 27 November 2014

On being grateful

For the past few weeks Rania has been mentioning the word 'thankful' since thanksgiving is approaching. Yesterday she listed the things that she is thankful for:
Family, friends, teacher, home, food and Earth.
Please know that she writes this list on her own. 
I am really proud of her that she writes not only the the 'usual' items on the 'being thankful' list but also planet Earth. Because I believe that being thankful on the bigger picture is more difficult than being thankful on the small stuff. 
We decided that we want to give back to the community this year as our way of being grateful. We went to a shelter home in Pompano beach where they held a banquet to serve people at the shelter - seating lunch style. They also have several stations, make up for ladies, health check up and kids station. We are at the latter one and in charge of Face Painting. Not that I am good at it, but I was assisting a friend who is a real Face Painter. I think the first two kids that I face painted were puzzled of my results, I was lucky they did not sue me for bring victims of my poor creations 😄. 

Some of the people who had their face painted had it for the first time, today. Ever. And despite how ugly my creation looked like in their faces, they still thanked me for it. 
Today taught me about this; that people who are thankful for the things in life aren't living a much easier life than me. In fact, most if these people had a major crisis in life that they learn to appreciate the minor things. 
I learned today that you may not eat the food you like, or at the time you want. But at least, you eat! You may not have the clothing you want, or the the shoes you need, but at least you are not naked.
HAPPY  THANKSGIVING 2014! Be grateful! 

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