Tuesday, 14 January 2014

100 days in Florida..... and loving it

It's been 100 days in Florida and we could not complain. The sun does not always shines, but it is not cold. I enjoyed going to the malls (ahem, so Asian of me!) and the shopping. I like the TV too and I could relate to the culture, a lot.

The whole family just joined a fitness club... and boy this fitness club is fantastic! It has a yoga studio, a pilates studio with all these crazy things, strings, etc. Plus heated swimming pool, and a kids-town for rania. So while Mommy and Daddy are having their thing on the gym, Rania could play in the club with supervision.

Rania has been improving a lot in school. Yesterday and this morning she insisted that she would go home from the bus stop by herself. Yeah, right kiddo! Her learning curve is uncanny too, when she first came she did not know how to spell and now she can ready simple sentence. So yeah, I'm happy. She just needs a little push in terms of speaking though. This part is still a problem but I am so hopeful that one day, she will break those barriers. She has her best friend, G, from next door neighbour and both they would do mischievous little things around the house.

If I could point a complaint, it would be lack of public transport. Therefore, I would go everywhere with my bike and people would rolled their eyes every time they see a crazy mommy on a bike. Last week, on the way home from Rania's school, the tire went flat and I had to drag myself, my lazy butt AND the bike on the way home, 2 miles of it! Perhaps it's time to start those driving classes. :P

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