Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I'm not a perfect mom. So what??

It's that time of the month again. Time when I feel tired, bored the whole day; time when I fell like I wanna eat a bowl of sushi rice with chocolate and drink wine, while reading a chicklit or watching a Nora Ephron's movie. (And maybe smoke some weed too).

According to wikipedia, PMS is :

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) (also called PMT or premenstrual tension) is a collection of physical and emotional symptoms related to a woman's menstrual cycle. While most women of child-bearing age (up to 85%) report having experienced physical symptoms related to normal ovulatory function, such as bloating or breast tenderness, medical definitions of PMS are limited to a consistent pattern of emotional and physical symptoms occurring only during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle that are of "sufficient severity to interfere with some aspects of life".[1]

So based on that, this time of the month is supposedly not a good time to Google photos of celeb moms. Excuse me......, but the first page that popped out when I opened my firefox today for work shows me this picture which make me groaned.

Can you believe that she has 6, SIX children! And can still smile after hours of transatlantic journey with 6 children on a plane?

And this one has 4, FOUR! But look at those legs! She could wear that mini I bought from H&M effortlessly I guess.

Wow. And I sometimes could not even keep up with one.

However, I never envy Angelina or Victoria ; they must have 24/7 standby nannies, private jets or PAs.

But what I do envy are mommas who never seem to lose out their temper to their children. They remind me of Carol Brady of the "Brady Bunch."

Sometimes I'm just sick and tired of hearing (or reading) that mothers should be compassionate and patient to their children's, should not yell, keep their temper, bla bla bla. Umm, hello... even when we have PMS? Stuff and saying like this made me feel so guilty whenever I got cranky (yes, I can get cranky too) each time Rania doesn't finish her fruit portion. Or when she refused to brush her teeth.

Sayings like that made me feel like I'm not a perfect mom. Not a good mom. I'm sure that 5 out of 10 moms I know feel the same way too. They are just to ashamed to admit it. 

But then I found this website, which made me laugh so hard! I'm not alone! I'm not alone! (I feel like I wanna run and show this website to the lady that sits next to me on the tram or my gynaecologist (why them? I have now idea...))


So I guess it is okay to do crazy stuff once and a while - not all the time ya. So no need to feel guilty if we become emotional and a scary mommy once and a while. Like the SM says : Cause Parenting does not have to be perfect.

Pics from wonderwall.com and urban-hoopla; all credits belong to them.

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