Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hello from Jakarta (2)

I promised you all i'll write once something interesting came up. And well, something did come up alright. 
One day after I and Rania arrived, my brother came up with high fever. Followed by my Father, and then my mother's helper. We thought at first it was  just a common cold, but the fever wont come down even after a booze of antibiotics. After 2 days of uncertainty, the lab test result finally proved it that it was actually DENGUE FEVER. Gosh, 3 people from the same house was infected by the same virus!
For those of you who didn't know, dengue fever was spread by a mosquito called aedes aegypty. The infected would have myalgia, loss of orientation, cold sweats and super-high fever. There is no vaccine nor antibiotics to kill the virus, and the virus would leave only after 7 days. The treatment would be: to drink a lot of water to flush out the virus, and paracetamol to treat the fever and the aches/ myalgia. 
To get rid of the virus in the house, and to prevent it from spreading, we need to kill the mosquitoes and the larva by a process called fuming, or spraying the house with some sort of anti-mosquito killer spray.The fuming took a couple of hours, and left my parent's house with a distinct smell that can even make a cat puke. 
Anyway,  I just hope this is the first  and the last time for us to have the disease in our home.  

OK, since its already 11pm Jakarta time, I think I need to go. So see you in the morning, hope to bring you more stories than just a mosquito disease. 

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